Those who haunt the wrist between the flowers, two fifty thousand or less wrist watch recommended

People often take the elusive to describe the illusory vision and ethereal mood, but also from the side that the moon and the beauty of flowers, the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, in the bright days of the day if there are flowers to accompany, Will certainly make this Mid-Autumn Festival has become more mood. And the beauty of flowers in the usual number of women who are obsessed with, but the flowers from the withered water zero gravity, blooming flowers can not withstand the changes of time, are in the passage of time into dust, causing countless sigh for the Fallen . Now, with the replica watches uk industry, people are no longer just satisfied with its practical value, further the pursuit of its appearance, the beauty of flowers has naturally become a watch designer's source of inspiration, more and more More flowers appear on the dial, accompanied by the passage of time long bloom in people's wrist. I believe that these open flowers of the watch will certainly be loved by many women, then the Xiaobian on the occasion of the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival will be the next two 50,000 women decorated flower watch recommended to you so that you reunion in the days Flowers on both. rolex replica brand is widely recognized by the market brand, which in addition to accurate travel time, the most important is the high quality movement can achieve low repair rate, thus saving a lot of trouble. Rolex log is a very typical brand series, 178240 watch features a rich flower dial, the flower is very popular with ladies, in different women's eyes, different flowers with different stories, to express different emotions, Rolex will spend this element of natural embellishment in the watch, for the President to show a beautiful and delicate picture. In short, for the Rolex watch, its quality basic need not be too cautious critical, just select the favorite, within the budget, you can start. In August 14, 2012 Tudor table with Tudor rose series in Shanghai Port Hang Lung Plaza opened the "Tudor rose series of magnificent victory tour exhibition," the first stop. Tudor 35100 watch in the decoration of the Tudor table Rose logo of the exhibition hall to accept the participants to watch, and left a deep impression. Its excellent appearance to show the beauty, while breathtaking while unspeakable. In terms of function Tudor 35100 no special features, but the 100 meters depth of the waterproof ability to tell us that although it looks small and beautiful, but not very delicate and has a strong ability to adapt. Able to provide 38 hours of power automatic mechanical movement, but also for us to save a lot of trouble, to avoid the frequent troubles on the chain. This table is currently the market reference value of 21,600 yuan, and this price and excellent quality of Tudor 35100 compared to absolute value for money. These two tables from replica watches, a Tudor from the history of the watch to understand the friends may know that the two brands are a homologous, or Tudor is a sub-brand Rolex from the development of the. But with the development of their respective brands, Rolex will own style preserved, and Tudor style has undergone some evolution, resulting in the style of these two tables produced a small gap. More orthodox Rolex 178240 watch the price to be higher, and its price is 46,600 yuan, from the Oyster Perpetual Women's Diary series designed by the very modernist style, 904L stainless steel cold color also gives the wrist Table outclass the elegance. Dotted with a large number of flowers on the dial, so that the ladies of the wrist showed a "flower flower flowers fly sky" beauty, in reality this is a brief beauty, but in the Rolex watch, it will accompany you forever. And because it uses the oyster-style case design, it also inherited Rolex strong and durable features. Tudor 35100 watch this price is lower, the price is 21,600 yuan, although it is not Rolex Oyster case so durable, but it also has its own advantages, 26 mm diameter of the table to make it even more delicate. The center of the rose-type ornaments open in the dial on the clouds pattern, which may be the kind of women are pursuing aesthetic mood, while Tudor rose from the Tudor dynasty logo, which also added a little royal style watch . If Rolex is to bring the elegant temperament, Tudor will be a good highlight of the beauty of President. Although these two styles of different styles, but for their own style of the phase contrast of the ladies, is undoubtedly a very good wrist jewelry, and ultimately choose who, or please choose according to their own style of it.